First creature, perpetual knowledge

Crystal-clear water, primeval desire

Everlasting fire

Primitive thrill

Woman, you are the tender secret

If you disappear, the earth will wither

Goodness will fade away from the universe

Source of fertility, means of all life

Woman, you defeated death

Daughter of Canaan, Babylonian melody

Star of the morning, child of the moon

Sister of the sun.

Woman, you are the mother of men

In your hands, you hold the reins of mystery

Your word is a promise,

your promise is virility

Wedding among men

Woman, there I am, signing your glory

Cluster of grapes, taste of the fig

Savour of feast and festivity

Spirit of adventure in us

Celebration of the soul,

near and far

Woman, you are the present and the forever

Despair that haunts us

You are the wise one

Mouth of life

Place of birth

In your hands, you hold will

And carry destiny

Smiling jewel, perfumes shell

Woman, you are ornament and fragrance

Inhabited place, wind and tempest

Violence among men

You are the familiar being

Woman, you are the forgotten prophecy


Abed Azrie


It is also written as Abed Azrié (Arabic: عابد عازرية), is a Syrian singer who performs Arab classical music, although he claims to belong to no particular music tradition.

In his work he sets ancient and modern Arabic texts to traditional instruments (such as the ney, kanun, darbuka, violin, flute and lute), and synthesizers.

He was born in Aleppo, and after living for a time in Beirut moved to Paris at the age of 22 where he studied Western classical music.

While there he translated classical poetry, such as the Sumerian
Epic of Gilgamesh, into French.

Leftist Love

Without nothing!

Without nothing

I love you

Without nothing

In this love

There is no money

No dollars

No territories

No jewelers

Come and let us sit

In the shade

None owns this shade

Just love me and think at it a little bit

Without nothing

Just you

Only you

Without nothing

Without all kind of your clothes

Without makeup

Without all your friend’s friends

The Nasty and the cute ones

Come and let us sit

In the shade

None owns this shade

Just love me and think at it a little bit

Without your mommy and daddy choir

without eyelashes and mascara

without that women weave

without their bullshits

without all this mockery

Come and let us sit

In the shade

None owns this shade

Just love me and think at it a little bit

Ziad Rahbani


Ziad Rahbani (also Ziyad al-Rahbany) is a Lebanese composer and writer for radio shows and theater, very famous in his native country as well as in many other regions of the Arab world.

Ziad Rahbani is the son of the Lebanese famous composer Assi Rahbani and Nuhad Haddad, the famous Lebanese female singer known as Fairouz.

He composed many songs for his mother Fairouz, as well as other singers, and he has released music albums of his own. Many of his musicals satirized the political situation in Lebanon during and after the civil war, often strongly critical of the traditional political establishment; others addressed more philosophical questions. He played the lead role in all his plays, and has generally been reluctant to allow the filming of his plays.

Politically, Ziad Rahbani has a long-standing relationship with Lebanese leftist movements, and is a self-declared communist. Being a Christian, his politics have meant that he has been at odds with some of his co-religionists. During the Lebanese civil war, Ziad resided in mainly Muslim West Beirut.