Can we escape from death?

The days of human beings are numbered

Everything they do is vain

If you are already afraid of death

What is the use of calling yourself a hero?

Shall I go first

Walk in front of you?

If I fall

My name will gain eternal fame

I will have begun the struggles

To cut down the cedars

Epic of Gilgamesh

(2500 B.C.)

Struggle and Friendship

Struggle and Friendship


Enkidu thrust himself at Gilgamesh and they fought in the square.

He came up to Gilgamesh and they met.

Enkidu put out his foot to block the door to prevent him from entering.

They grappled each other, holding each other like bulls.

They broke the door posts and the wall.

They sported like bulls locked together.

They shattered the door posts and the walls shook.

Gilgamesh bent his knee with his foot planted on the ground, and with a turn, Enkidu was thrown.

Then immediately his fury died.

When Enkidu was thrown, he said to Gilgamesh:

“Yes, there is not another like you in the world, Ninsun who is as strong as a wild ox in the byre, was the mother who bore you.

And now you are raised above all men and Enlil has given you the kingship, for your strength surpasses the strength of men!”

They embraced each other and their friendship was sealed.

The eyes of Enkidu were full of tears.

He left sad at heart, weary, and he tortured himself.

His sorrow paralysed the muscles of his throat,

his arms hung down still and his strength had turned into weakness!

Epic of Gilgamesh

(2500 B.C.)