Tor Ulven

The shaftPark_of_idols

I am falling and


down through

The shaft

within myself

crossing through layer

after layer

of ruin cities

where only sleeping jailers

are left

crossing pre-linguistic habitations

and the cave wall with imprints by

the first hand: your hand.

Falling. Falling

I am not



But the bottom also

is falling. And the falling

is falling. None


the last


Tor Ulven (1953–1995)

Collection of poems: For us, Signs

Tor Ulven was a Norwegian poet. He is considered one of the major poets of the Norwegian post-war era, and he won several major literary prizes in Norwegian literature.

His early works, consisting of traditional modernist verse poetry, were heavily influenced by André Breton and the surrealist movement. As the 1980s progressed he developed a more independent voice, both stylistically and thematically. The later part of his work consists mainly of prose. He committed suicide in 1995 in Oslo, the city where he was born.