Be my friend!

Be my friend!

How beautiful it would be if we remained friends!

Every woman needs a friend’s hand

Needs to hear good words

Be my friend!

I need sometimes to walk with you in a park

To read together poems

I – as a woman – I am happy to hear you

Be my friend!

My hobbies are little

My interests are small

And all my ambition lies:

to walk for hours with you under the rain

When the melody makes me cry

And I’m in sorrow

So why are you interested only in my appearance

And don’t look to my brain?

I am very much in need of a harbour of peace…

I am bored of love stories and news


Why do you forget half of the words when you meet me?

Be my friend!

There is no diminution of masculinity

However, the men don’t accept but the main role!

Suad al-Sabah

Poet, economist, publisher, activist in social change affecting women and children.

Suad Muhammad al-Sabah (also spelled Souad alSabah or Suʿad al-Sabah) was born in 1942 in Kuwait as a member of the ruling family. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences at Cairo University in 1973. She obtained a doctorate in economics from Sari Guilford University in the United Kingdom in 1981. She later returned to Kuwait and established the Suad alSabah Publishing and Distribution House. She has published several books of poetry and established a literary prize that carries her name. She also has written hundreds of economic and political essays as well as popular articles in several Arabic local and international newspapers and magazines. Her poetry has been translated into many languages, including English.

Al-Sabah is the director of Kuwait Stock Exchange and a member of the Higher Council for Education, the executive committee of the World Muslim Women Organization for South East Asia, and the board of trustees and the executive committee of the Arab Intellect Forum. She is also a founding member of the Arab Cultural Establishment, the executive committee of the Arab Human Rights Organization, and the Arab Council for Childhood and Development. Her poetry has captured the attention of popular artists as well as university researchers in many countries. Her literary publications include Wamdatt Bakira (Early blinks) and Lahathat min Umri (Moments of my life, 1961). Her scientific works in English include Development Planning in an Oil Economy and the Role of the Woman (1983) and Kuwait: Anatomy of a Crisis Economy (1984).